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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Muslim Traveler

Some people have been asking me these questions :

" What are some important tips for a travelling Muslim to know?
  • You are in a non-Muslim country (no mosque around). 
  • How will you do your Friday Prayer?
  • How can you eat meat, when you don’t know if it is halal or not (you don’t speak their language)?
  • How can you manage the international clock and your prayers?

So, I will share with you my travel tips for travelling as a Muslim. It's not easy to travel as a Muslim but it is not tough too.

1. Prayer Time and Direction (Kibla')

This is my favorite application for traveling as a Muslim, I have been using this application a lot since the last 4 years.

Once you get the internet access it will automatically set the prayer time according to your new location.
For the direction I never rely on application as sometimes It gives me wrong direction so I rely on Compass. Maybe you think It's too old fashioned but trust me, it works properly with compass even you don't need the internet to find the Kibla'.
What I love about this application :
  • It has prayer times, Imsak - Iftar time (during Ramadhan) and Islamic calendar
  • It has compass, Qur'an and prayer notification, so you won't miss your prayer time.
  • It shows you halal restaurants and mosques around you
  • It's free!
2. Knowing Your Destination Very Well
We should gather so many information about our destination, Is that the Muslim city/region? If not, do they have so many halal restaurants? Do they have mosque?
Such as in Indonesia, Even though Indonesia has so many Muslims but when you want to travel to Bali, It will be difficult to find halal food as Bali is not Muslim Island and the majority is Hindu.

If you want to travel to Melbourne, you can find halal food easily in Coburg and Roxburg Park as the suburbs have so many Muslims.
3. Halal Food
They are so many ways to find halal food :
  1. Ask the Local Islamic Center. You can ask them by online (email) before your departure. 
  2. Google
  3. If the locals can't speak English and they don't know about halal food, just go to the local mosque and ask the Imam or the people in the Mosque. They will know what you mean when you say to them "Halal".
  4. Ask “Couchsurfing local members. This is a website for traveler and most of the members of course they know English. You can chat and ask locals through this website. You also can use another website and application to meet locals like Interpal, Italki,Penpal world, Be Welcome, and many more.
  5. Go for Arabic and Middle eastern food. Most of Arabian restaurants are halal. Ask the wait staff to make sure.
  6. Being vegetarian! If it's really hard to find halal just try to be vegetarian and ask the wait staff for 100% vegetarian menu with no meats in the process to cook the foods.
  7. Bring your halal snacks with you. Bread, chocolate, snack bar etc. So you can eat those anytime you feel hungry until you can find halal foods to fill your tummy. The halal noodle cup is my favorite so far because it's easy to make and can fill my tummy.

Try to avoid these foods :

Fried Food.
Maybe you think that Chips/French fries is halal but most of fried foods are fried with pork.

So better you ask : “Do you fried this with pork?!
Or just check their menu, if they have pork just don't buy any foods in that restaurant/stand.
Japanese, Korean and Chinese food
We can find so many sea foods in Japanese menu like sushi and takoyaki.
But most of Japanese sauces, and foods use Sake or red wine (alcohol). Even sometimes they wash the fishes with alcohol.
So better we ask : “is it contain alcohol in this sauce or sushi or food?”
And Even in Muslim country like Indonesia, most of Chinese restaurants use pork oil or have pork in their menu. So once again ask and check the menu.
So many restaurants use the same kitchen utensils to cook all of their menu (include pork).
4. Prayer

You don't have to perform Friday prayer if you are in trip.
And you can combine the prayer (dzuhr-ashr, and maghrip-isya') and just do 2 rakaat for dzuhr, ashr, and Isya'.
If you can't find water, just do Tayamun (with dust).
Be flexible, Pray anywhere. Take your prayer mat or newspaper so you can pray in any places, even you can pray on the train, plane, boat and bus.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Amaris Hotel Pancoran : Clean and Hospitable Budget Hotel in Jakarta

As a traveler especially when I travel on budget and travel as a Muslim, I do really care about cleanness besides the price and location. Why? because Muslims need to pray 5 times a day so for me I don’t care if the place is a bit small or it doesn’t have air conditioner as long as I can find a clean space for prayer.

I had stayed in so many budget hotels, homestays, and hostels but I have to say I never found those places as clean as Amaris Hotel Pancoran, Jakarta. Not only clean their services were also good, The Manager who in charged when I stayed there, Mr. Dedi was humble and very helpful, super nice. I was impressed with their hospitality and cleanness. I will not regret to stay there again, and of course I recommend this hotel for you guys if you need budget hotel in Jakarta.

~ Location  ~

Amaris Hotel Pancoran is located in strategic location in South Jakarta. The access to central Jakarta is pretty easy and not far. So if you want to stay in the other side of Central Jakarta, this is a good choice to you and if you really crazy about mall, from this location you can go to Kasablanka Mall and Kuningan Mall. Those are the best “budget” mall in Jakarta based on my experience.

~ Price ~

As I said, it’s a budget Hotel so the price will not flush out all of your money from your pocket. If you need to spend $50 just for Hostel in Australia, with around $46 (normal price)  you already get the modern minimalist private room and also breakfast for two. If you are lucky you can get discount till 50% by putting the promo code. For the payment, they accept debit, cash and credit card.

I believe no matter how good the hotel is but if they don’t have good marketing it will be useless and Amaris Hotel Pancoran knows exactly how to do it. So if you want to book some rooms for your event or family holiday don’t hesitate to contact their marketing team and see what they have for you.

~ Food ~

While other budget hotels in Indonesia don’t put their concern too much on food, Amaris Hotel Pancoran does. They always try to make new innovation with their food but still have Indonesian taste and of course good presentation. When I stayed there I tried “The Green Chicken Savana”, it was their new menu on that time, it looked good on the ads and made me curious. Finally, I had a try and it was tasty, it has western style with Indonesian taste. Good innovation.

For the breakfast, I was impressed with their services. You don’t need to worry if you wake up late for breakfast and see almost all of the foods on the table already gone, just ask the wait staff to refill the food they will refill “fresh from the oven.” It seems like you won’t lack of food there.

~ Facilities ~

Same like the other budget hotel, they don’t have swimming pool and bath tub but in return you will get free parking space, Wi-Fi, LED TV, meeting rooms, and safe deposit box.

So this is my review score ( out of 5 ) :

How To Get A Job on Working Holiday Visa Australia [English]

All of my friends have been asking me so many times how I could get a job in Australia so easily. Well I have to say, nothing is easy, it needs a lot of hard work and of course smart tricks!

When the first time I came to Australia, I got a not really good job. They paid me really less, well not actually “really less” because a lot of Asians get paid 9-10 AUD/hour cash in hand, so I was still lucky, the paid me 12 AUD/hour and I got so many hours in my shifts. I could get 800 AUD a week only with 12 AUD/hour. When a lot of people getting comfortable because they can earn a lot of money a week but that's not my style.

I was thinking, if they are a lot of people outside who can get more than 12AUD an hour why I'm not be one of them? So I realized that I needed to upgrade myself and of course play with my resume. I learned how to make my resume looks outstanding. I need to think like a manager who looking for new employee. I tried the tricks to myself and it was worked! Then, I started helping some of my friends in editing their resume, giving advices how to upgrade their self and how to get the job. Wualaa!! It was worked with them! One of my friends, he got 18AUD/hour with superannuation and 40 hours/week.

So here, I'll give you guys my tricks based on my experiences and please don't forget to make a TFN (your - Tax File Number) first :

1. Targeting Your Job

You need to ask yourself, what kind of job that you looking for and what kind of skill that you have. I came across so many working holiday visa holders, who have skills as barista, hair dresser and chef, and of course with that skill they can get the job easily and some of them get Permanent Resident sponsorship from their employer! 

So, what if you don’t have any skills? Here some options for you :

Kitchen hand
This is the easiest job that you can get without any skills, just try to work fast, don't break any plates and you will be okay! But a lot of shit works and they normally pay you really less.

Wait staff
Are you good looking? But shit in English? Trust me it doesn’t work, you need to upgrade your English skill no matter what! But for some occasions if you are really lucky you can get a job based on your race. If you are Italian go to Italian restaurant, you are Greek go for Greek, you are Asian and can speak Canton, and mandarin go for Asian restaurant.

I need to say, most of Asian restaurants pay their employees really less, around 9-12 AUD/hour. Not a good deal, but if you are Asian, have no skills and not good in English, nothing much that you can do. So better you upgrade your English skill before apply for working and holiday visa.


If you want to apply as a wait staff in Australia you need to learn about Melbourne style coffee, if you want to apply wait staff job in Victoria state better you take RSA certificate for servicing the alcohol, it's fast and not expensive, it costs 30-40 AUD and you can take the class and exam in half day. If you can carry three plates that will be your values. So many big events like Grand Prix, Australian Football, Equine Festivals and other festivals ask you to carry 3 plates and know how to service alcohol. They pay you really good too.

Uber delivery and Delivery job
You have a car and local driving license? You can go for delivery job. Pizza delivery will pay you around 12-14 AUD/hour, newspaper delivery will pay you 15-18 AUD/hour and for Uber delivery you can earn 60-100 AUD in 5-8 Hours.

Cleaning service / housekeeping
So many job offer for cleaning service but you need to wake up early in the morning and normally they prefer a person who lives next to the job place. In winter a lot of hotels in the ski resort open job vacancy for cleaning service / housekeeping during winter. Do they pay good? Yes, they do, but you need to be careful, a lot of frauds and fake jobs in Australia!

Au pair
This is a job for you guys who love kids and want to get comfy accommodation and meals. If you have childcare certificate, first aid certificate and experiences with kids, the luxury live could be for you. So many rich families looking for experienced and qualified Au pair for sitting their baby and kids. Maybe you just can get 150-300AUD/week but in return you will get comfy accommodation with swimming pool (if you are lucky), free facilities and also free meals. For this job you need to make sure about the family and also your job desk, some of the families will not treat you well and sometimes they need a housemaid, not an Au pair.

2. Experience, Experience!

You got perfect GPA in Harvard, you wrote it in your resume and you are looking for barista/coffee maker job? Trust me! Your resume will be ended in trash bin. 

They don't need your formal education background if you apply for casual job. They just need any certification related to it and of course job experiences! If you have more than one job experience in that field, the manager will keep your resume and consider calling you for an interview and job trial.

So if you are new in Australia and no experience, you should make your own "story" experience!

You can write the job experience from your country which related to the job that you want to apply, you also can get experience by doing some volunteer works. Lentil as Anything is one of the cafes in Australia who accepts volunteer. You got a job trial but failed? Congratulation, you can put it as your experience on your resume.

3. One Job One CV

You already have good CV/ resume with some of job experiences and you want to use it to apply any jobs. You should wait, and hold back. Your resume is not perfect yet. Like I said, one version of CV is for one job. Why? You need to write your job experience related to the job that you gonna apply. For example, you can't apply a job as wait staff if you write on your CV so many experiences as a kitchen hand, you need to change your CV and write wait staff experiences then your CV looks perfect and ready to go for wait staff job!

4. Put More Times To Find a Job by Online!

When you see a job offer online and you try to call the manager then the manager say : "Sorry I gave it already to someone else!" and you think like "what? This job offer has just showed up like 2 hours ago and it's gone!" Yeah this is what happens in Australia, and it's normal.

Keep checking the website regularly it will help you a lot to get a job, don't be lazy. Check it every morning, afternoon and night. More than 3 times a day that will be much better!

The websites that you can check to find a job in Australia:,, Job4travellers, backpackerjobboard, and etc.

5. Make sure you meet the manager when you drop in your Resume/CV

It's same like first love at the first sight! When the manager see you, and they like you they will ask short questions to you and yeah you will get a job trial in less than 10 minutes. Just be confident and remember what you have written in your resume.

6. You Need To Work at Farm? Watch Out For Fake Farm!

The fake farm will offer you easy farm job with high rate and located near to the city. They have no good website and no body pick up the call when you try to call them. They also send you an offer of cheap accommodation and you need to pay forward because they only have 1 - 5 room left.

Don’t pay them forward! If they have no website better you check the location before you pack you things and ready to go.

The Things That 

You Should Write on Your Resume

1. Your Availability

This mean, when will be your free / available time to work with them. Example : Monday to Friday, anytime, or 7 days a week, morning to afternoon (5 Am - 4 PM), or every day and anytime.
Giving them the flexibility in your available time will be much easier for them and increase you chance to get the job.

2. Write The Position That You Are Looking For.

Like : I'm seeking full time job as wait staff.

3.Your Contact Details

Write your contact details and address on your CV. Make sure that your cell phone is always ready and keep checking your email.

4. Certification and Job Experience

As I said put anything which related to the job that you want to get.

That's all that I have, my friends and I already proved it so this is the time for you guys to have a try, and good luck!

Share to you friends if you think they should read this tricks!  

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Cara Pintar Traveling Murah di Singapura

Traveling Murah di Singapura

Mungkin kalian bisa berbangga karena bisa mendapatkan tiket promo murah ke Singapura, Tapi bagaimana kalau sudah mendarat di sana? dan siapa yang berani bilang kalau hidup di Singapura itu murah? Singapura termasuk ke dalam salah satu negara termahal di ASEAN, bahkan orang asli Singapura sendiri bilang kalau hidup di Singapura itu mahal, lah gimana kita orang Indonesia? Walaupun Negara tetangga tapi buat kita orang Indonesia yang berkantong Rupiah tentu akan menangis darah melihat banyaknya angka nol yang hilang ketika dibelanjakan ke dollar Singapura. #ohok

Tapi seperti kata pepatah, Setinggi-tingginya burung terbang masih tinggi pesawat terbang, semahal-malnya Singapura masih mahalan Australia dan Amerika, jadi inti pepatahnya adalah masih bisa diakalin. #NgeekSituMaksa

So cekidot cheats dari saya bagaimana jalan-jalan murah di Singapura :

1. Bawa Botol Air Minum

Kenapa? Air mahal guys di Singapura, jangan samakan dengan beli Aqua di Indonesia. Botol ini bisa kalian refill dengan Air kran. Ada AQUA?  Nggak usah ikutan kaya di iklan-iklan pakai aja Air kran!!

2. Garden Bay The Bay

Mau gaya-gaya-an di wahana wisata tapi semuanya pakai tiket masuk? Jangan bersedih, karena Singapura punya solusinya, datanglah ke Garden Bay The Bay dan dapatkan harga diskon naik jembatan sebelum jam 8 malam. Banyak kesalahan traveler yang datang ke sini pada siang hari, dan nggak tahu juga apa yang mereka mau lihat di siang hari. Tumbuhan berkawat?

So, jangan ulangi kesalahan yang sama dengan mereka, datanglah pada sore hari sekitar jam 4 atau 5 sore dan pulanglah jam 8-9 malam. Sekitar jam 6 malam, pastikanlah kalian sudah standby mendapatkan spot bagus untuk melihat tarian lampu, pertunjukan lampu biasanya dimulai sekitar jam 7 malam. (jadwal bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu). Garden Bay The Bay itu yang keren lampunya coy bukan kawatnya, jadi datang kalau lampunya sudah nyala, oke?!

Cara Pintar Travelling Murah di Singapura

Selain si Garden ini, Singapura juga masih punya objek yang ngehits tapi gratis, Merlion misalnya. Kalian juga bisa mendapatkan brosur wisata murah dan gratis dari tempat penginapan dan google. lol

3. Bugis Street

Mau beli oleh-oleh murah? Bugis street adalah Blok M-nya Singapura. Mulai dari kartu pos bahkan sampai pakaian seharga 5 SING dollar dijual di sini. Sekitaran Bugis Street juga bertaburan penginapan murah ala backpacker. Kalian juga bisa mengunjungi Masjid berkubah Emas Singapura karena berdekatan dengan wilayah ini. Ibaratnya sambil menyelam minum air lah.

4. Sevel oh Sevel

Kalau di Indonesia nongkrong di Sevel alias Seven Eleven jadi tongkrongan anak alay di Jakarta masa kini lain halnya dengan Singapura, bagi saya Sevel si Singapura layaknya warteg! Karena banyak yang MURAH!

Ini adalah tempat favorit saya untuk membeli makanan saat kepepet, lapar tapi makanan murah jauh. Kalian bisa melakukan banyak penghematan dengan datang ke Sevel. Cukup dengan 3-5 SING Dollar kalian sudah bisa mendapatkan minuman dan roti/hot dog/burger. Kurang baik apalagi coba Sevel? Hahahahaha.

Seven Eleven juga bertaburan di Singapura, tinggal ketik seven eleven di google map kalian kalau kalian lapar sedangkan lokasi kalian entah brantah..

5. Beli Tiket Wahana di Travel Agent

Travel agent di Indonesia banyak menyediakan tiket wahana wisata murah daripada harga aslinya. Bandingkan saja setiap travel agent yang menawarkan dan carilah selisihnya dengan harga tiket aslinya, rajin-rajin google deh pasti dapat yang murah. Tempat penginapan juga biasanya menyediakan tiket murah, tapi sepengalaman saya, masih jauh lebih murah beli di Indonesia. Cek juga website wahana wisata mereka, siapa tahu lagi ada diskon dan promo.

6. Es Potong Orchard Road

es potong singapura
Yum.. Yum...

Kalau teman-teman kalian lagi kalap buang-buang rupiah untuk belanja di Orchard road, kalian bisa juga buang-buang uang di sini dengan hanya sekitar 1-2 Dollar dan perut kenyang. Apalagi kalau bukan Es potong yang ngehits banget di Singapura sampai muncul KW-nya di Indonesia, hehehe.

es potong singapura
Antrian Es Potong, dan ada yang ikutan nampang #haish!

7. Little India

Kangen sama nasi? Kebanyakan makan burger dan Indomie di Singapura? Larilah ke Little India. Kalian bisa menemukan nasi biryani atau nasi-nasi lainnya di sini dengan harga terjangkau. Dengan Uang 10 SING sudah bisa dapat makan dan minum. Little India juga menawarkan segala macam kebutuhan ala India. Jadi bagi yang mau belanja, bisa belanja juga di sini.

8. Pantau Harga Singapur Dollar

Dollar naik turun ini pengaruh banget bagi para traveler yang jalan-jalan ngegembel, hehe. Tukarkan langsung dengan Dollar jika kalian lihat harganya turun dan akan beranjak naik. Tidak masalah jika kalian akan pergi 3 bulan lagi atau 6 bulan lagi, yang penting kalian sudah dapat kurs dollar murah di tangan. 

Saya dan adik saya pernah bertemu rombongan backpacker lainnya dari Indonesia, berhubung kita KEPO, jadi kita tanya-tanya berapa kurs yang mereka dapatkan waktu nukar ke dollar. Mereka dapat kurs di harga Rp 9.800-an karena menukar sebelum keberangkatan, sedangkan kita bisa dapat di kurs Rp 9.400-an (per 2014) karena sudah mempersiapkan jauh-jauh bulan. Coba berapa bedanya? 400-an sendiri. Muhahahahahahhaah!! Alhasil kita cuman bisa ketawa ngakak dalam hati atas kebego-an mereka. Sadis emang tapi kenyataanya begitu, kadang jujur itu #sakit, Guys!

9. Banyak Jalan Kaki

Yang malas jalan kaki, kalian nggak cocok untuk melakukan penghematan di Singapura. Naik bus atau tram di Singapura itu mahal, sekali berhenti bisa kena 1 - 3 SING. Jadi jika lokasi bisa ditempuh dengan jalan kaki, maka jalanlah.

10. Gunakan Aplikasi untuk Akomodasi

Aplikasi yang sudah banyak bertebaran seperti, Traveloka, Hotel Quickly, Hostel World, Air B n B dan berbagai aplikasi dengan huruf "H" lainnya banyak menawarkan diskon. Bagi kalian yang punya kartu kredit ini akan memudahkan dalam berburu tempat penginapan murah, kalau tidak punya bisa pinjam teman yang punya. Mulailah hunting tempat penginapan jauh-jauh hari sehinga bisa mendapatkan harga terendah.

Jika kalian punya travel blog atau komunitas traveling, kalian juga bisa langsung menghubungi tempat penginapan untuk minta diskon dengan upah review tempat penginapan mereka.

Oke, segitu dulu cheats dari saya, silahkan share di komen pengalaman kalian dan share kalau kalian merasa tulisan ini bermanfaat, Happy Traveling!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to Get Cheap Skydiving in Australia

Do you dare to jump? When the first time I saw this sport on TV when I was a kid, I was so excited and I started putting this extreme sport on my wish list - The thing that I should do before I die! It was so hard looking to do this sport in Indonesia, I surfed on google a lot about the skydiving provider in Indonesia on that time and I found nothing so I wished I could do this sport in Dubai then I ended up in Australia. I didn't know that we could do skydiving in Australia so when I got to know that Australia offers so many skydiving providers I took the chance.

Of course, skydiving is not a cheesy and cheap sport. It costs a lot of money and also needs profesional for doing it but I believe there will be the way to get hot deal in this sports. After I spent time to do research to get cheap price then I got the formula which I will share to you guys!

Dulu saya ingin melakukan skydiving di Dubai karena pemandangannya yang bagus tapi apa daya badan tak kunjung juga sampai ke Dubai malah terdampar di Australia. Saya pikir Australia ini nggak punya Skydiving yang ada hanya di New Zealand tapi unsur bisnis skydive telah cepat menyebar hingga ke Australia. So setelah tahu kalau di Australia itu ada skydiving, saya pun memutuskan untuk Terjun Bebas di Australia.

Harga Skydiving tentu nggak murah. Mahal!! apalagi jika kalian masih nerima gaji rupiah #hiks! Walau saya sudah memegang dollar di tangan, tapi sebagai orang Indonesia yang cinta rupiah alias mau beli apa-apa dikurskan dulu ke rupiah #halah, maka saya pun nggak sudi untuk membayar mahal si provider skydiving. Kalau ada yang murah ngapain harus bayar mahal? ya nggak? Haha

Akhirnya setelah berdasarkan riset berbulan-bulan, saya pun tahu trik untuk mendapatkan skydiving murah. Berikut kiat-kiatnya :

1. Check All The Website of Skydiving Providers

There are so many skydiving providers in Australia, just have a look on google. You also can go to backpacker or student travel agent in Australia which you can find on the street around city link, have a look their package to get the hot deal. 

Ada banyak provider skydiving di Australia, tinggal googling atau main-main ke travel agent ala backpacker dan student yang banyak mangkal di jalan kaya jablay dan curi brosur-brosur mereka.

2. Pick The Location for Skydiving

Touristy place costs more money. Far far away from city is mean more expensive. So decide the location first based on your budget. No matter where you want to jump, I recommend to take 14.000 feet skydiving for the better experience. Less than 14.000 feet is hard for you to see all the white cloud surround you. Jump from the plane with so many cloud and the shine of sun, trust me, you would feel like in heaven! At least touch the cloud once in your life tho. lol

Semakin bagus lokasi biasanya agak sedikit lebih mahal. Hal ini dilihat juga dari ongkos transportasi untuk ke sana. Jadi buat kalian yang cuman mau terjun doank dan update status maka tempat terjun nggak usah di jadikan soal, selama ketinggian 14.000 kaki ke atas. Kenapa? Karena kalau di bawah 14.000 kalian nggak bisa dapet view awan putih dengan cahaya mata hari yang remang-remang, dan ini nggak bagus banget kalau dipakai buat update status. Itu skydiving apa lompat dari tebing?

3. Be Patient for the Hot Deal!

If you ever heard the quote "Waiting is wasting your time and time is money" you should dissagree for skydiving. Waiting is mean saving your money. You can't get The Hot Deal all the time but The Hot Deal will be there at least once in a year. You don't have to be a lucky person to get the Hot Deal, just be patient and keep checking the website for any promotion. Based on my experience, winter is the best price for skydiving. You even can get 50% discount in winter and sometimes the provider will give you a free if you can bring more friends.

Pantau terus websitenya, karena biasanya akan banyak promo yang muncul tiba-tiba, misalnya. Get 3 free 1, diskon hari ayah, diskon valentine dan lain-lain. Tapi secara pasti, Skydiving yang banyak diskon adalah skydiving di musim dingin. Yak!! Ini sudah pasti akan diskon! Siapa coba yang mau terjun dingin-dingin? Kalau buka KITA! (hah,kita?) haha.

Buat saya, terjun menggigil itu nggak masalah daripada harus bayar mahal. Lagian tinggal pakai baju berlapis, semuanya akan beres! Dan jangan kuatir, kita juga akan dapat baju hangat ketika akan terjun di musim dingin. Ingat musim dingin Australia nggak ada SALJU (kalau bukan di gunung), jadi Aman.

Diskon musim dingin ini bisa sampai ratusan dollar, bahkan sampai 150-an AUD lebih, dan dengan diskon itu kita jadi bisa pakai uang kita untuk membeli paket foto dan video yang harganya nggak murah itu.

Harga paket foto dan video sekitar 150-170 AUD.

Wake up Guys! Wake up!! SALE!!

4. Saving More Money with Your Go Pro Camera!

You have your Go Pro Camera that will save your money a lot. For picture and video it costs you around 150 to 170 AUD. Just use your own Go Pro Camera and tight it on your arm like a watch than you can have your skydiving documentation without losing your penny. What a good idea!

Jika kalian punya Go pro ini bagus banget! Pastikan kamera Go pro kalian nempel kaya jam tangan di tangan kalian, jadi kalian nggak usah membeli foto dan video yang harganya nauzubillah mindzalik itu.

Dengan kamera Go pro kalian bisa mendokumentasikan terjun bebas kalian dan cukup membayar pokoknya saja. Kalau sudah begini kalian bisa terjun hanya dengan 200AUD waktu diskon, bahkan gratis waktu promo get 3 free 1. Coba kurang murah apalagi ini?

* * *

Let's Jump !

I was eager to do skydiving in The Great Ocean Road, with sharing car it won't be expensive, but The plan was just a plan so I needed to change the location and decided to jump in St. Kilda, Melbourne. The best option if you rely on public transportation

Banyak tempat yang ditawarkan untuk skydiving di Australia. Mulai dari Gold Coast, Great Ocean Road, sampai di St Kilda, Melbourne. Berhubung saya menetap di Melbourne, saya putuskan untuk skydive di Great Ocean Road, tapi apa daya, malang tak dapat diganti, pupus sudah harapan berganti. #haish

Berhubung mobil tebengan mendadak cancel, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk berganti haluan cukup terjun di St. Kilda saja.

The Right Time

Check the weather prediction on you cell phone application will be much better before you choose your skydiving schedule. It was winter when I did my first jump so I chose morning time around 10 am. Not too cold, no rain and the sun seemed okay. Perfect time!

Saya pun mengkampanyekan “Touch the sky at least once in your life” untuk mendapatkan follower, tapi sayang waktu itu saya belum tahu kalau mereka juga ada promo jika ngajak-ngajak teman. Ah, sudahlah.. Jump must go on! Berhubung kita punya ATM Australia jadi pembayaran bisa kita lakukan online, bagi yang nggak punya bisa juga dengan kartu kredit. Mengenai hari dan jadwal kita bisa memilih pilihan yang tersedia. Kami memilih terjun sekitar jam 10 pagi, nggak terlalu dingin dan matahari pun nggak terlalu silau. Pas!!

Meet Your Sky Buddy

Don't worry, you will not jump alone unless you are a pro. So let's say hai to your sky buddy. They will choose your buddy based on your weight and height. If you want to jump alone, you can take the classes and licence. 

Kalau kalian berharap dapat sky buddy (penerjun rofesional yang ikut terjun bersama kita-kita yang masih amatir) yang ganteng, saya sarankan untuk jangan terlalu banyak berharap! Karena sky buddy pun juga ada yang sudah kakek-kakek, hahaha, dan untuk kalian para cowok yang berharap dapat sky buddy cantik, kalian juga harus memupuskan harapan kalian karena sangat jarang ada sky buddy cewek.

Masalah siapa yang akan jadi sky buddy kita, kita nggak misa milih, karena semua sky buddy ditentukan berdasarkan berat badan dan tinggi badan kalian. Kalau kalian pendek dipasangkan dengan yang pendek, kalau kalian kurus dipasangkan dengan yang agak berisi, kalau kalian tinggi dipasangkan dengan yang tinggi, kalau kalian di atas 100 kg? silahkan diet dulu.

Things to DO

Remembering all the instructions that given to you before your flight so you can coorperate with your sky buddy, make his/her job easy is mean you help yourself for saving your life. Don't forget to tight up your goggle and shoes before you jump.

Sebelum kalian terjun pastikanlah kalau kalian memakai Sepatu, ikat tali sepatu kalian kuat-kuat. jangan sekali-kali berpikiran untuk pakai sandal jepit apalagi nyeker waktu tejun di musim dingin. Jangan juga sekali-kali berpikir bawa tongsis dan kamera handphone buat selfie. Kalau nggak punya GO pro, biarkan si sky buddy kita yang motret dan recording melalui jam kamera GO pro tangan-nya.

Setiap penerjun juga akan mendapatkan goggle, untuk google ini ikat kencang-kencang jika kalian mau terjun, pastikan merekat kuat di wajah kalian. Fungsinya adalah untuk melindungi mata dan agar kalian bisa melihat ketika telah terjun dari pesawat. Kenapa harus diikat kuat-kuat? Karena ketika kalian terjun apalagi di ketinggian 14.000 kaki, tekanan akan semakin kuat, bibir kalian akan bergerak  ke mana-mana, kuping kalian akan melambai-lambai, hidung kalian yang pesek mendadak jadi mancung, hidung yang sudah lebar bertambah lebar. Jadi pastikan google kalian tidak terbang dengan mengikatnya kencang! Setelah parasut dibuka kalian baru bisa melepaskan google biar terlihat keren di video dan foto.

Perhatikan semua instruksi yang diberikan sebelum kita terjun. Ingat-ingat kita harus ngapain aja saat lompat dari pesawat, saat terjun dan saat mendarat. Jangan sepelekan hal ini, ini nyawa kalian. Waktu update status salami juga orang tua dan sahabat kalian, minta doa restu dan minta maaf. Siapa tahu kalian banyak dosa dan ada orang-orang yang diam-diam nyumpahin kalian. Kita tidak akan pernah tahu, setelah terjun kalian akan mendarat di bumi atau malah di akhirat, hehe.

Pose, Pose and Pose!

If you don't use your own Go Pro Camera and you pay for your documentation,you should be aware to keep posing because you never know when exactly the camera will take your picture or just recording. Hold your pose for few second and try not to do stupid thing if you see your sky buddy move the camera toward you with this way you can get more good pictures to be published. If you don't care you will get a flash disk with so many worse pictures of you and so many good pictures of your sky buddy because he/she knows how to pose on the camera! 

Waktu pertama kali skydiving, saya benar-benar bingung membedakan mana video mana foto. Jangan berharap si skybuddy akan bilang ke kita, “one, two, there, cheers!”. Biasanya mereka hanya gerak-gerakin jam kamera GO Pro tangan-nya ke sana kemari, sedikit-sedikit wawancarai kita. Alhasil dari puluhan foto, hanya hitungan jari saja foto yang layak tayang! Berbeda dengan kita, si Skybuddy ini tahu benar kapan saat untuk berpose, bisa terlihat dari koleksi foto yang saya dapatkan dimana si skybuddy lagi nyengir bahagia dan saya-nya lagi monyong, skybuddy lagi pose saya-nya lagi merem. Bibir si skybuddy lagi senyum-senyum sedangkan bibir saya lagi melambai-lambai. Benar-benar kampret!

Jadi trik bagi kalian yang sudah membeli paket foto dan video. Kalian harus berpose setiap ada kamera Go PRO mengarah ke kalian, dan tahanlah pose itu selama beberapa detik. Biarin aja dikira orang gila yang penting foto kalian bagus-bagus. Hahaha.


Skydive Beach And Beyond 

I used for my first jump in Melbourne, Australia. The thing that I like from this provider : they responded my email really fast, the sky buddies were well experienced, they have a lot of beautiful spots to jump, and of course they gave so many hot deals. Discount, discount and discount!

Unfortunately, the customer service lady in St Kilda was so rude, she is pretty but yeah I gave minus for her services. 

Saya menggunakan provider ketika tejun bebas. Selain banyak diskonnya, mereka juga menawarkan beberapa spot bagus untuk terjun, respon menjawab by email juga tergolong cepat. Jadi tidak ada ruginya saya terjun bersama provider ini.

Sayangnya pelayanan spot terjun mereka di St Kilda ini, NGGAK banget! Mereka memang menuruh cewek cantik sebagai customer service tapi galaknya melebihi kucing garong! Kalau bisa saya kasih rating nol, saya akan kasih rating NOL buat pelayanan customer service-nya di St. Kilda, bahkan minus kalau perlu. #sadis

[ My Score ]

Out of 5, 
(for jumping on June 2015)

 ------------* * *--------------
Price : 4.5 
Spots : 4.5
Service: 4
Instructor/Skybuddy : 5
Hospitality (St Kilda) : -1

-------------* * *--------------

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