Sunday, September 4, 2016

Amaris Hotel Pancoran : Clean and Hospitable Budget Hotel in Jakarta

As a traveler especially when I travel on budget and travel as a Muslim, I do really care about cleanness besides the price and location. Why? because Muslims need to pray 5 times a day so for me I don’t care if the place is a bit small or it doesn’t have air conditioner as long as I can find a clean space for prayer.

I had stayed in so many budget hotels, homestays, and hostels but I have to say I never found those places as clean as Amaris Hotel Pancoran, Jakarta. Not only clean their services were also good, The Manager who in charged when I stayed there, Mr. Dedi was humble and very helpful, super nice. I was impressed with their hospitality and cleanness. I will not regret to stay there again, and of course I recommend this hotel for you guys if you need budget hotel in Jakarta.

~ Location  ~

Amaris Hotel Pancoran is located in strategic location in South Jakarta. The access to central Jakarta is pretty easy and not far. So if you want to stay in the other side of Central Jakarta, this is a good choice to you and if you really crazy about mall, from this location you can go to Kasablanka Mall and Kuningan Mall. Those are the best “budget” mall in Jakarta based on my experience.

~ Price ~

As I said, it’s a budget Hotel so the price will not flush out all of your money from your pocket. If you need to spend $50 just for Hostel in Australia, with around $46 (normal price)  you already get the modern minimalist private room and also breakfast for two. If you are lucky you can get discount till 50% by putting the promo code. For the payment, they accept debit, cash and credit card.

I believe no matter how good the hotel is but if they don’t have good marketing it will be useless and Amaris Hotel Pancoran knows exactly how to do it. So if you want to book some rooms for your event or family holiday don’t hesitate to contact their marketing team and see what they have for you.

~ Food ~

While other budget hotels in Indonesia don’t put their concern too much on food, Amaris Hotel Pancoran does. They always try to make new innovation with their food but still have Indonesian taste and of course good presentation. When I stayed there I tried “The Green Chicken Savana”, it was their new menu on that time, it looked good on the ads and made me curious. Finally, I had a try and it was tasty, it has western style with Indonesian taste. Good innovation.

For the breakfast, I was impressed with their services. You don’t need to worry if you wake up late for breakfast and see almost all of the foods on the table already gone, just ask the wait staff to refill the food they will refill “fresh from the oven.” It seems like you won’t lack of food there.

~ Facilities ~

Same like the other budget hotel, they don’t have swimming pool and bath tub but in return you will get free parking space, Wi-Fi, LED TV, meeting rooms, and safe deposit box.

So this is my review score ( out of 5 ) :


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  1. Sounds and looks like you got a pretty sweet deal at this budget hotel Hani :) Cleanliness is one of my top pre requisites at any accommodation that I stay at. I'm glad you had a great experience there! :)