Meet The Author

 Who is the Author? 

Indonesian. Calls her self a part of "Generasi 90-an". Fond of ART, photography, books, writing, food, film and travelling. She describes her self as a human on earth, an alien on Mars and a dust on Universe.

10 Things you (might) didn't know about her :

1. She "moves around". She had lived in Singapore, then moved to Tanjung Pinang, Batam, Bali, Purwokerto, Bogor, Jakarta, Melbourne and on and on.and on.

2. She was an actress, and director. She performed for theater and indie film.

3. When she was a teenager, she wrote short stories and articles for teen local newspapers and drew comics. Her first comic complilation book was published in 2010.

4. She changed her profession several times. She worked for radio, advertising company, finance industry and hospitality industry.

5. She worked in finance as financial planner and advisor for 5 years.

6. Her father was Singaporean. Her mother is Javanese and has Pakistani, Dutch, and Chinese descent.

7. She has list papers about her dreams. All the things that she wants to do, see and have.

8. Nobody belives that she used to play basket ball for female team in her schools and uni.

9. She eats and drinks halal.

10. She is (also) a Barista though! lol

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